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Indiana Bigfoot Exploration

Frame 352 
Patterson/Gimlin Footage from 1967
"Patty" Most have looked at this famous
picture and not realized this is
a female and, impossible to hoax during that time period!
My name is  Jay Stewart

I have been pursuing this Great North American Mystery since my face to face encounter with what I now know as Bigfoot/Sasquatch in a very remote area of Northeastern Minnesota over 40 years ago.

I maintain this site to give people that think they have heard or encountered what they believe to be one of these highly intelligent and elusive critters a place to go to report their experience.

Yes! they are present in many areas across the State of Indiana and there have been dozens of reports, most of which are South of Interstate 70 and in some Northern Counties near Lake Michigan. I fully believe there are over 500 of them in Indiana alone. 

Dedicated to the Exploration of the Bigfoot/
Sasquatch Phenomenon in the State of Indiana
  Footprints of a Crippled Bigfoot. Would be impossible to Hoax!