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Indiana Bigfoot Exploration

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Footage from 1967
Proven NOT to be a 
My name is Jay Stewart   
I have been a Private Bigfoot/Sasquatch Researcher since my encounter and sighting in 1975 where I went face to face with some unknown creature (that I now know as Bigfoot) in a remote area of Northeastern Minnesota. I have been actively working on this mystery for the past 39 years and would like to start concentrating my efforts closer to home. My wife and I are opening this site in hopes of obtaining credible information from other Hoosiers that have seen and/or had strange encounters with what they think was possibly a Bigfoot, Sasquatch or similar creature/animal.

We will be posting credible reports to this site so everyone can see and review them if so authorized by the reporting individual. 

Yes! they are present in many areas across the State of Indiana and there have been hundreds of reports, most of which are South of Interstate 70 and in some Northern Counties near Lake Michigan. I fully believe there are hundreds of them in Indiana alone.

This is a totally non-profit site and I am maintaining this as an informational site for the people who take this subject serious in the State of Indiana.

Dedicated to the Exploration of the Bigfoot/
Sasquatch Phenomenon in the State of Indiana
  Footprints of a Crippled Bigfoot. Would be impossible to Hoax!